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Louisiana Driver’s License Frequently Asked Questions


If I have a driver’s license from another state and I’m now living in Louisiana,  do I need to change my driver’s license to a Louisiana driver’s license?

Yes. You need to go a local DMV office.


What documentation do I need to bring with me to apply for an original or replacement license?

You can get a  printable checklist of the items or requirements you need to bring when going to the local DMV office.


What kind of proof of my residential address is considered as valid or satisfactory?

  • Deed, mortgage, mortgage statement, mortgage payment booklet, or residential rental/lease agreement
  • Current automobile insurance policy or bill
  • Current homeowner’s insurance policy or bill
  • Educational institution transcript forms for current school year
  • Louisiana boat registration or title (if living on a boat/houseboat)
  • Louisiana vehicle registration or title
  • Louisiana voter registration card
  • Medical or health card with address listed
  • Utility hookup or work order dated within 60 days of the application
  • Parents accompanying their minor child may present two proofs of their address and make a verbal certification of address for the child. All other applicants must request the person with whom they reside to  provide them with two proofs of their address and a signed certification of address.


How can a non-US citizen  obtain a Louisiana driver’s license or identification card?

Request for these services at any State of Louisiana driver license office or Tax Collector office.


Do I need to make an appointment to get my Louisiana driver’s license or identification card?

It is recommended to make an appointment. Contact the nearest DMV location .


Is it required to have all the original copies of my documents? I only have copies of my documents with me.

Yes. It is required to present your original documents when applying for a new, replacement or renewed driver’s  license. If you only have copies of your documents, then you need to  request  for the original documentation from the appropriate government agency. If you need help on  how to get  a replacement documents, visit and click on “Document Help”.


How do I change my name on my Louisiana license or identification card?

You must provide proof of your name change. If your name has changed due to marriage or a court order, submit the original or a certified copy of your marriage certificate(s) or court order(s).

A valid US passport with your new name can  be used to change your name on your driver’s license.


My last name is different from what is reflected on my primary identification. What should I do?

You must provide proof of your name change. If your name has changed due to marriage or a court order, then you are required to submit the original or a certified copy of your marriage certificate(s) or court order(s).


What tests are required to get a Louisiana learner’s permit?

  • Complete Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course (TLSAE, DATE, or TL-DOE). LINK HERE
  • Pass vision, written road signs, and road rules exam.
  • Must be in compliance with school attendance if under age 18.

If under 18, you must have the signature of one parent (or guardian) on the parental consent form.  Any parent accompanying a minor applicant to the office can provide two proofs of their Louisiana residential address from two different sources (addresses must be identical) and verbally certify the applicant lives with them.


Do I have to take any test to renew my expired driver’s license?

You need to make an appointment at your local DMV office and you will be required to take a vision exam and are subject to all of the identification requirements.

Get a printable checklist of all the requirements  that you need to bring with you and find the closest Louisiana DMV.


Where can I find some practice test and some driving school information?

Click here to take the practice test and to find a local driving school.


I received a traffic violation. How can I keep my record clean?

No one wants a traffic violation on their record.  Take Defensive driving courses, it can help you keep your record clean, and it can even help you get a lower premium on your auto insurance.


How can I check  if my driver’s license is suspended without visiting the office?

Go to to check your driver’s  license status.


How can I reduce the fees for  DUI/DWI?

A DUI/DWI is extremely expensive. However,  if you have the right representation, it can make all the difference. It can even possibly save you thousands of dollars in fees. You have a number of options on what is the right thing  to do at your disposal


How do I update my  auto insurance information?

You can update your insurance information online if it is requested for your driver’s record.  Always bear in mind that an auto insurance is mandatory. I



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